Some of my favourite websites to win things

Not that I actually win things … I am just soooo unlucky ! But these are some that I frequent in my (few) idle hours in the vain attempt to become rich.

My Free Postcode Lottery

Win a Dinner


Free Postcode lottery is one that you check everyday, it takes seconds to do so, and you can win between £5 and £50. Just enter your postcode (and link your Facebook account for an chance to win £5) and then just check everyday to see if you have won. I haven’t so I think I must live in the wrong place !

Win a Dinner is also one to check everyday and if not all the prizes are claimed they give extra prizes the following day. If you win you can choose from a host of prizes like a £20 Paypal or a £30 Nandos voucher.  It also has some great meal promos so don’t forget to look at the adverts too, it is, after all, how the prizes are funded.

Loquax is a competition site which lists competitions from many sources for you to enter. A kind of comper’s heaven. I have supported them and watched them grow for many years now. although I  obviously still don’t win anything ! They are a lovely bunch of guys (and gals) though.