A brief update

So, what has Peter been up to lately I hear you ask (in a very quiet, almost miniscule, voice)? Well, as you so kindly asked ….

After my brief (9 month) spell in Spain, pretty much a disaster but I learned from it, I was head-hunted for a company in Worcester (UK for those that believe that there is life outside the UK) and settled in there very quickly.  Another failed attempt at dating and so I gave up. That was it. No more. Time to fill up Peter’s life with lots of wonderful stuff… an allotment…walking….parties….cooking…. bowling. It was at my first Meet up (more about that later) that I met Mrs Peter. That is not her real name of course but it is good enough. It was just one of those things. I had stopped looking and there she was. Happy Days.

So what is Meetup? Well, it is a social group, or rather a group of social groups ranging from Dancing to Quizzes, walking to mountaineering, dining to board-gaming. It is basically whatever anyone wants to organise. I first came across it when I lived in Stroud; it is a great way to meet people and, yes, it can be good for dating too although that is not everyone’s intention. If you want a fuller social life then it is well worth a visit to see what happens in your area.

One thing that Peter does very well is put things behind him, I never regret anything. So the marriage, the divorce, years then wasted on the wrong people, Spain … all learning opportunities that brought me to where I am now.

Mrs Peter has just moved into a new house with the kids so I have volunteered to help with the DIY and anything else that needs doing so over the last couple of weeks I have been to Ikea three times and put up the resulting purchases, put up sockets in the bathroom and bedroom, half boarded the loft and installed lighting …. and more besides. The to do list is no shorter though, in fact I swear it is getting longer the more jobs that I do. Not that I mind doing them of course, in fact I love it. I am not a carpenter, electrician or gardener but I love to learn new skills, even at this ripe old age.

So this week is putting electrics in the garage, building a bed, putting up blinds at the windows….and looking after Mrs Peter whilst she has a nervous breakdown because of all the boxes that are still around !  🙂