The Allotment is Dead ….

….. long live the Garden !

I finally had to give up the allotment that I started last year due to wanting to spend more time with Mrs Peter who I met just after I had taken on the allotment last year. Peter always wants to fill his time with things but has a short attention span ! 🙂

It was fun whilst it lasted and even had its own Facebook page   Plot1b  but the time needed to hold back the couch grass (the devil’s own weed) and to water it properly was just too much.  All is not lost though as the operation is going to move to Mrs Peter’s back garden so that little ‘M’ can join in and grow things. Half the fun of gardening for me is encouraging children to enjoy growing things, as they will be our next farmers and gardeners….and cooks.

In the garden it will be easier to keep the weeds under control and to keep things watered and I hope to get some bumper crops next year.

First task will be to build some raised beds to make planting and maintaining easier, actually that is the second task… the first task is to evaluate what is actually in the garden already as it is slightly forlorn… and not everybody has the same ideas about the perfect garden as I do.

Last night I dismantled my allotment shed and brought it over in my car (it only just fitted) so now I need to clean it up, get rid of the spiders for Mrs P, and then find a spot for it and make a proper base. A job for the spring though I feel unless ewe get a very mild winter.