Week 10 to 14

Weight: 15 st 4.5 lb

Loss: 7lb

Total Loss: 22.5lb

Mid Sept to mid Oct.  Mrs Peter is now installed in her new home and I am working down lists of DIY projects that need doing to get the house in shape, I  am sure all this extra exercise has helped me get trimmer. We are also cooking more SW friendly recipes now and even trying some out on the kids, with mixed results because they would obviously much prefer fish and chips or a burger from the Golden Arches Restaurant (bleugh!).
I did have a gain one week of 1lb which was a bit of a shock to the system, it was probably down to snacking a bit in the evenings but I pulled it back the next week so no harm done. 14 weeks and only one gain is not bad I think. But now we are heading into Autumn, my birthday and Xmas which is bound to have some effect. My plan is to reach target weight (14.5 stone) by Xmas ….. watch this space !

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