Week 15

Weight: 15 st 3.5 lb

Loss: 1lb

Total Loss: 23.5lb

I got ‘Slimmer of the Week’ last week with a 3lb loss so wasn’t expecting any miracles this week and was more than happy with a 1lb loss, although I had expected a bit more due to a 6.5 mile walk in the Welsh hills. I have come to the conclusion that occasional exercise doesn’t help nearly as much as constant exercise, I think the body tends to hold onto water more but I am no scientist so I could be wrong. The recipes are coming on well though and I am posting them on this site as I make them. I get them mainly online and tweak them in to the Peter way of things but am also looking at alternative ways of making things to make them healthier. That is the fun part for me.

I do find writing recipes hard though as I tend to cook using my Mum’s method of ‘A little bit of this, a dash of that and some of that’ rather than true measured amounts. And I have a terrible memory too which doesn’t help 🙂