Week 16

Weight: 15 st 1 lb

Loss: 2.5lb

Total Loss: 26lb

This has been a hard week with a fun Halloween party to contend with and a bottle of Gin that somehow managed to sneak into my cupboard, no idea how that happened  🙂  I have been making soups this week, a lovely butternut squash and sweet potato one, and a spicy tomato one. I must remember to post the recipes online once I remember what I put in them ! I also made my first SW friendly scotch eggs which, whilst not being a complete success, were edible and will be moister next time.

I wrote that last bit before the SW meeting, I suppose to just pre-empt a gain… but instead lost 2.5lb, reached my Club 10 award (lost 10% of initial body weight), got Slimmer of the Week and was awarded Mr Sleek 2017 which is voted for by the other members. Yes, I am smug !

It’s my birthday this week and my brother is coming over for London. This could be bad ! Lol, But the rest of the time I will be good and on track, hoping for no gain but not expecting a loss either….