Week 17

Weight: 15 st 1.5 lb

Gain ! : 0.5lb

Total Loss: 25.5lb

A gain ? That is not meant to happen ! Well, to be fair it was my birthday and my brother came over for the weekend …. and that usually means cider consumption. Now lots of alcohol is not a good slimming technique but if you  know that you are going to be gulping down the Spiced Rum then make sure you eat properly all week to try and negate the bad effect. I did most of the time but there was late night cheese involved too which is never a good idea.

I am actually amazed that I managed to get away with a half pound gain !   So its back to the good ways this week. Lots of exercise and lots of lovely food.  Only 8lbs to go to my current target weight which I want to hit by Christmas …. watch this spot !