Week 18

Weight: 15 st 1 lb

Loss: 0.5lb

Total Loss: 26lb

A total surprise to actually get a loss this week, I was so sure that my birthday celebrations the week before had crept up on me and that I would have a big gain. Just shows what a bit of healthy eating can do for you even if you do have a blip once in a while.

I am determined to do more walking during the day for the coming weeks, I have devised a nice 3mile round trip where I work which takes me about 45 minutes of my lunch hour. That and trying to keep away from the booze will hopefully get me to a 3lb loss this week and then another 2 next week putting me in good stead for two Xmas parties the week after …. gulp !

Yes, I know I don’t have to drink at the xmas parties but, hey, this is Peter NoWillPower we are talking about ! At least I have chosen the healthy options for the dinners 🙂