Week 19

Weight: 14 st 13 lb

Loss: 2lb

Total Loss: 28lb

A bit of a momentous occasion for me…..under 15 stone ! I haven’t been that weight for a good 25 years or so and 8 years ago when I last lost weight I just couldn’t get under that ‘number’ no matter what I tried, which was a shame because I went to a friend’s 40th birthday skydiving party in Spain and couldn’t jump because I was 2kg too heavy. Actually that may have been a blessing in disguise as in the group before us one guy turned when he was too low, lost the air from his parachute and came down with a thud ! I was happy to sit in the bar and just watch the others …

Back to this week and I have been ‘good’ most of the week (please tell Santa) and have had my Pick and Mix salad every lunchtime at work and either an Omelette or Overnight Oats for breakfast. I suppose a couple of cheeky bottles of red wine didn’t help my cause but I am more than happy with the results 🙂

I  now just have 6lbs to go to reach target and the other guy that stays to group has 5.5lbs to go … I feel a bit of a competition coming … Heehee.

I need to be good this week as I have two Xmas parties coming up and they could prove a mini disaster if I am not prepared.