Week 20 – Total loss 25.5lb

Weight: 15 st 1.5 lb

Gain: 2.5lb

Total Loss: 25.5lb

Now that’s what comes of being complacent 🙁

I had been losing nearly every week but Jack Daniels got a hold of me and stopped me in my tracks. The problem with drinking is not only the calories that it puts on (and they rack up really quickly) but it also makes you snack without realising it. The odd biscuit/peanuts/cake and it is so easy to put the hard fought lbs back on again.

I must admit that I was expecting a gain as I knew I had been bad, but it was still a bit of a shock to the system so this week I am doing an SAS log.

What is that I hear you saying? On the SAS log you record everything you eat and drink and then mark down the Syns and whether it was Speed or Protein. You also mark if it was planned or not. The object is obviously to show you what you do eat and get you to think about any extras you might fancy. That is the thing with syns, you forget that you have had them. So you think in the evening ” I will just have a small cake/ice-cream and you forget that you had those biscuits in the morning. It also shows you if you are eating enough Speed and Proteins as you will not lose weight if you are not.

I am on a mission as I have my two Xmas parties next week, so no alcohol this week and lots of lovely veg, chicken, eggs, fruit and lean meats.

Wish me luck !!