SW Weeks 22 to 24 – Total Loss 24.5lb

Weight: 15 st 2.5 lb

Gain: 5lb

Total Loss: 24.5lb

Happy New year all !  To be honest I think that only gaining 5lb in the two  weeks over Xmas was not a bad result , especially with the amount of cheese and port on offer (my downfall) . Even ended up sharing a 23 cheese platter on Xmas day !

This means that during Nov and December I have lost a pound. If I was not doing Slimming World I would have gained quite a bit ! That is all behind me now and I am making changes to my life to get back on track and also to make me a better person. This will mainly involve giving up drink for a month. Totally. For this I will be using hypnosis which has worked for me in the past for smoking so I know it can work.  I also know that I have very little willpower on its own so need this to have a chance of getting through it.  This will obviously also help with the weight loss. After a month I will gradually re-introduce alcohol into my life but at a controlled and measured manner, not the binge drinking I have been doing for the last 30 years !