SW Week 25 – Total Loss 29lb

Weight: 14 st 12 lb

Loss: 4.5lb

Total Loss: 29lb

What a difference a new year makes ! A loss of 4.5lb which negates all the ‘damage’ done during the Christmas period. Very happy with that. It wasn’t much hard work either although a bit of stress obviously helped 🙂

Went to my hypnotherapist last Wednesday for help with my drinking and so far, fingers crossed, it has helped dramatically. Not a drop of alcohol for 7 days ! I am now a non-drinker until 13 Feb when I go back to her and start introducing alcohol in a controlled manner, because I still love a glass of wine with a meal or with friends.  Hopefully this will all show on the scales this week too, I will find out tonight.  Just discovered a recipe for Keema Mince too which I have fallen in love with.  2018 so far is looking good !

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