About Peter

So, What is Petershouse? Well, a long, long time ago (some 20 years or so) I built my own website whilst I was working for a marketing company who put me on garden leave for 3 months … they made me come into the office but wouldn’t give me any work to do so I taught myself HTML (and Excel but that is a different story) and made a website petershouse.co.uk . I gave that up after about 6 years because, to be honest, I got bored with it …. Peter has the attention span of a …what was I saying? Oh, yeah a short attention span.

I now decided to share my wealth of knowledge and innermost thoughts (well, not all of them obviously) but that old domain was now taken hence petershouse.info which is where you are now.

I was married, now divorced, and am now in a loving relationship with Mrs Peter … although that is obviously not her real name… and I have moved to the West Midlands, after spending most of my life in Buckinghamshire (and nearly a year in Spain), and the place is beautiful !

I love cooking, cycling and walking, camping, music and generally living life to the full.

My parents have become one of the many to be scammed in investment schemes so I will be writing about that too.

So welcome to my world, I love it here !


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