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Advent is coming ….

…and this year it got a lot more exciting for us adults. Two new products are hitting the shelves for Advent….. One wine and one cheese advent calendars ! The wine one is from Aldi Wine Advent  and will apparently retail at £49.99 making each small bottle £2, which is obviously more than you would

The Allotment is Dead ….

….. long live the Garden ! I finally had to give up the allotment that I started last year due to wanting to spend more time with Mrs Peter who I met just after I had taken on the allotment last year. Peter always wants to fill his time with things but has a short

A brief update

So, what has Peter been up to lately I hear you ask (in a very quiet, almost miniscule, voice)? Well, as you so kindly asked …. After my brief (9 month) spell in Spain, pretty much a disaster but I learned from it, I was head-hunted for a company in Worcester (UK for those that

Petershouse, an explanation (of sorts)

So, What is Petershouse? Well, a long, long time ago I built my own website whilst I was working for a marketing company who put me on garden leave for 3 months … they made me come into the office but wouldn’t give me any work to do so I taught myself HTML (and Excel