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Scam – Coloured Diamonds

Usual disclaimer first : If an investment looks like it is too good to be true then it is ! So, a man calls you up and offers to send you a brochure on coloured diamonds which are rare and make a great investment. Who doesn’t know about how valuable diamonds are ? The brochure comes and

The Boiler Room Scam

This is one of the best known scams around at the moment but people still fall for it.  It is named (I believe) because it is the kind of scam that could be , or was, run out of the cheapest room available, like a boiler room, as it just needed a phone line. If

The Business Payment Scam

A bit long winded I know but I often get emails pretending to be from my boss Carl asking for a quick payment to a new supplier…fake of course….so I decided to have a little fun with this one Note how his email address changes half way through (both are nothing to do with us). 

Scams and scammers

My mum and dad had the unfortunate fortune of being scammed so I will share some of the many things to look out for…